Terms of Service

Access to and use of the www.sdprungis.com website (hereafter referred to as "the Site") are subject to these terms of service, as well as to all applicable laws and regulations.


By accessing the Site, the user accepts these terms of service and agrees to comply with them in full and without reservation.


Any use of the Site that is inconsistent with its purpose or in violation of these terms of service may give rise to sanctions in accordance with the law.



Purpose and presentation of the Site

This Site is a non-commerical website whose aim is to present the products of SDP RUNGIS (hereafter referred to as “SDP RUNGIS”) and, where necessary, to provide users with the opportunity to contact or receive newsletters from SDP RUNGIS.


The Site has a “My Account” section which contains complementary information. Users can access this by creating an online account following the steps described on the Site and detailed in Article 5 herein. Within the “My Account” section, users can download SDP RUNGIS catalogues and newsletters, and create and download a wishlist so as to record their favourite products.



Information on the Site

The information found on the Site is designed for the general information of users.


Although SDP RUNGIS takes the greatest care to ensure the quality and reliability of the information found on the Site, the latter is provided for information purposes only, with no guarantee, expressed or implied, of its validity, completeness or up-to-date nature. Consequently, the visitor agrees to use this information at their sole risk and responsibility.


SDP RUNGIS cannot be held responsible for damage arising from unauthorised third-party access resulting in a modification of the information made available on the Site.



Modification – Interruption of the Site

SDP RUNGIS reserves the right to modify the content of the Site and these terms of service at any time and without notice. SDP RUNGIS cannot be held liable for the consequences of these modifications.Furthermore, SDP RUNGIS reserves the right to interrupt or suspend all or part of the Site's operation at any time and without prior notice.



Intellectual property

The Site and all components of it (notably: texts, photographs, videos, trademarks) constitute intellectual works protected by Articles L.112-2 et seq. of the Intellectual Property Code pertaining to the French and international legislation on Literary and Artistic Property.


The content of the Site, its general structure, as well as the programmes, text, images (animated or otherwise), photographs and all other components of the Site are the exclusive property of SDP RUNGIS or third parties that have given it the necessary rights.


The user is only authorised to view the pages of the Site on their screen and does not have the right to reproduce the intellectual property elements of the Site other than temporarily and solely for the purpose of consulting the Site for their own personal and private use for non-commercial purposes.


The express written consent of SDP RUNGIS must be obtained in order to reproduce or download the Site or its contents, even partially.


Accordingly, any representation or reproduction – even partial – made of the Site or the elements comprising it without prior written consent from SDP RUNGIS constitutes an act of infringement sanctioned by the French Intellectual Property Code, for which the infringer will incur civil and criminal liabilities. 


The same applies for any databases on the Site, which are also protected by the French Intellectual Property Code.


Any distinctive signs of SDP RUNGIS, such as names, domain names, trade names or logos shown on the Site, are protected by the French Intellectual Property Code and are the exclusive property of SDP RUNGIS.


Any reproduction, in whole or in part, and/or use made of these hallmarks from the elements of the Site without express permission from the Site’s publisher is therefore prohibited under the French Intellectual Property Code.



Exemption from liability

SDP RUNGIS undertakes to make every effort to ensure access to the Site at all times.Nevertheless, SDP RUNGIS rejects any liability in case of difficulty accessing the Site or interruptions to the Internet, whatever the cause. SDP RUNGIS cannot be held responsible for any damage, either direct or indirect, whatever the cause, origin, nature or consequence caused by anybody accessing the Site or its unavailability.


Every user who wishes to access the “My Account” section has their own confidential password which allows them to access said “My Account” section. On each occasion when a user logs on, the user enters their e-mail address and password to access their account within the “My Account” section. If a password is lost or forgotten, the user can click on the “Forgotten your password?” link to reset their password. They can do this once they have received an automatic e-mail notification.


The user is personally responsible for his/her password’s confidentiality and any use made of it. SDP RUNGIS will not be held liable for any incidence arising from use of the password. The user is responsible for any operations which are carried out using his/her account or his/her password. However, the user must immediately notify SDP RUNGIS should he/she have any reason to suspect that his/her password has been compromised or his/her account is being used by an unauthorised third party. SDP RUNGIS will not be held liable for any incident of identity theft.



In general terms, SDP RUNGIS shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever in connection with the use of the Site, or for any damages that may be caused to the user's computer equipment as a result of accessing the Site, nor any technical problems concerning the Site and/or any interruption of the Site for any reason whatsoever, maintenance operations included.



Hypertext links

Hypertext links within the Site towards other websites cannot incur the liability of SDP RUNGIS with regards to their content, the links they contain or their conditions. Simple hypertext links to the Site require prior written consent from SDP RUNGIS.



Protection of personal data and cookies

For more information about the cookies used and measures taken to protect personal data, please refer to the Privacy and Cookies policy.


Governing law


The Site and its content are subject to French law.




If you have any questions regarding these terms of service for the Site, you can write to us at the following address: contact@sdprungis.com


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